All I can say is wow, Friska and Chris really knew how to turn it on for the camera! The best part is that when the camera is not pointed at them, they are not only easy to talk to but quite funny! Even though it was a cold and windy evening in Downtown Albany, […]

Friska & Chris

Talk about all smiles! Hannah and Jason stepped out of their car ready to make sure we had some fun. I instantly enjoyed both of their personalities as we walked through Washington Park and downtown Albany. They are quick to poke fun at one another as well as themselves. I knew right away, Hannah and […]

Hannah & Jason

You would never know how cold it was for this shoot because these two are absolute troopers. I always tell everyone who books with me that an engagement session is a great way to get to know one another, and our session with Bonnie and Greg was exactly that. They are so easy going that […]

Bonnie & Greg

What had started as a simple phone call to see if I was available for an engagement shoot, turned out to be an opportunity to meet this awesome couple! Kayla and Josh are a young, hardworking couple who love their four-legged family members and spending time together. Often throughout their engagement session, I would catch […]

Kayla & Josh

Jennifer and Tyler have the kind of personalities that can make anyone they meet feel comfortable. I first met Tyler at Meghan & Tim’s wedding in late 2018 when Tyler was a groomsman. We instantly hit it off, so when he called about capturing his wedding, I was really excited. As you can tell, like […]

Jennifer & Tyler

These super-sweet individuals made me laugh a lot!! They’re inquisitive, outgoing and entertaining personalities not only kept me on my toes but had me cracking up. You can tell by looking at them and the photos of how much they love another. They’re like two peas in a pod! I can’t wait to celebrate with […]

Christa & Matt

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